The first...

I've been reluctant to start a food blog most likely because I'm not a chef but rather more of an instinctual cook - who cooks by memory.  Memories of all the different types of food I've enjoyed eating whether it was homecooked by my late mother, bought from a street vendor or eaten at a fancy restaurant.  Although the latter I seldom go to now simply because it's really not my scene.  With age I tend to lean towards something with more soul and less show. Somehow these memories trigger my senses at times to the point that I can taste and smell the aromatic herbs and spices in my limited brain bank and hence recreate the dish that I was thinking of.  Does that make any sense? Or maybe it's just that I've been actively cooking for the past 23 years for family and friends that it just becomes instinctual what spices are in what dish.

I love Italian food - the whole Mediteranean region & all Asian food, and I'll try almost anything simply out of curiousity but if I had to choose - my all time favorite is Indonesian food.  The reason is and it's not because I'm Indonesian, is that it never gets boring - from region to regionand island to island the flavors are so diverse and interesting to the palette.  It has always baffled me why Indonesian food has never really hit it off in the International arena where Thai food has absolutely mushroomed across the world.  And it saddens me somewhat that so many our our dishes are unbeknownst to the world...

And now that I have time in my hands I think of what can be done about it, where do I begin to introduce the spice island flavors to a larger audience.  My mind begins to wander, how I'd love to travel across this gorgeous achipelago to learn to cook the regional dishes in a more health conscious way, write about it with a willing photographer at hand and most of all secure a sponsor for mission so worth savoring over.  That will probably be the most difficult one to find.  Ahh... but like with every thng in life, it all starts with a first...a first thought - a first step.

Till my next blog,

'Ku Koquie

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  1. michellelthorn

    Yes! I definitely think you should start a cooking blog. It doesn’t matter if you are not a chef-just write down what you know. I eat at a restaurant in Ottawa that I absolutely love. The head chef there started with a cooking blog, just posting stuff he made up or added a twist to, and now he owns a restaurant. Go for it!

    June 18, 2013
  2. ashand_dust

    I wanted to start at the beginning. I liked reading this very much and look forward to all the rest.

    August 24, 2013