Soun Goreng - Stir Fried Glass Noodles

Soun Goreng - Stir Fried Glass Noodles

Stir frying glass noodles is a bit tricky because you do not want to pre-soak the glass noodles too long, otherwise they'll just fall a part when you stir fry them. This is stir fried glass noodles with marinated snapper (soya sauce, white pepper & sesame oil marinade), lotus flowers, thinly diced carrots, scallions and black Chinese fungus - which is a type of mushroom that is thin and has a rubbery texture. The spices are very simple; 2 cloves of garlic, 3 shallots, a full teaspoon of dried ebi (pre-soaked) and salt. Grind these ingredients in a mortar until it becomes somewhat of a paste, then saute in a little oil, add the fish and when it's done add the diced carrots and a little water or better yet chicken stock until they are semi soft. Then throw in the sliced black Chinese fungus, lotus flowers and add the glass noodles, sweet soya sauce, a dash of sesame oil, salt and white pepper and continue to stir until all the ingredients are evenly distributed.  If it is too dry just add a little more water/chicken stock.  You can replace the snapper with prawns or chicken and the black Chinese fungus with Shitake mushrooms or just experiment with adding ingredients that are more readily available where you are.  This is lovely eating as is or over hot rice.


'Ku Koquie

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  1. brn2bme

    Are you Asian?

    April 06, 2013
  2. koquie

    Yes, I’m Indonesian.

    April 06, 2013
  3. fromuranus

    I’ve eaten those noodles many times, it’s delicious!

    April 06, 2013
  4. julieboca


    April 07, 2013
  5. anadoll

    Stir fried glass noodles is very tasty. The shape of the noodles is long. The making of the noodles will show in write my essay with the step by step procedure. It is depending on you whether you add spice or not. The ingredients are mention in this website.

    June 03, 2016