Oblok-oblok Tahu Tempe

Oblok-oblok Tahu Tempe

"Oblok-oblok Tahu Tempe is a typical Javanese dish that you'll find in any Javanese household, whether you're a farmer of businessman - it crosses all class groups.  My mother used to make this often and I would just eat is with rice and not even bother with the main dish.  There are so many simple Javanese dishes that I adore, more than steak and potatoes, which to me after awhile gets boring.


There are a few versions of Oblok-Oblok but this is pretty much the classic one.  It is Tofu and Tempe cooked in coconut milk with freshly ground shallots, garlic, shrimp paste, galangal root, bay leaf, chillies, salt and a bit of grated coconut palm sugar.  Like with most Javanese dishes, it's all about the balance of spicy, savory and sweet.  And what's fascinating about Javanese food is that it tastes even better the next day.


'Ku Koquie

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