Kacang Bogor - Bambara Groundnut

Kacang Bogor - Bambara Groundnut

The Bambara groundnut plant originates from West Africa, here in Indonesia it is known as 'Kacang Bogor' or the Bogor peanut because it is widely cultivated in Bogor, a city in West Java.  Like Soya bean it is high in protein and therefore an important crop for the poor who cannot afford animal protein.  I came across this in its raw form (removed from the pods) during one of my trips to the market and honestly never tried it any other way than the fried version that you find packaged at the snack aisle in supermarkets across Indonesia.


When you boil it, the outer skin becomes soft so it's very easy to peel. To my surprise there is another thin, black layer of skin that is edible before you actually get to the nut itself.  'Kacang Bogor' when fried has quite a distinct flavor, when boiled it tastes a bit different; like a cross between a soft peanut and a kidney bean.  So it got me thinking of other ways to cook this; perhaps a Chilli or Daal or a very hearty soup.  But that would take forever to make, imagine; removing the nuts from the pods, boiling them, peeling them one by one and then preparing them into one of the above dishes. Zzzzzz I think I'd doze off in the process...



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